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  1. Fine scale surface climate in complex terrain using machine learning
    Martin, Thomas CM, Rocha, Humberto R, and Perez, Gabriel MP
    International Journal of Climatology 2021
  2. Exploring the short-term role of particulate matter in the COVID-19 outbreak in USA cities
    Kamigauti, Leonardo Yoshiaki, Perez, Gabriel Martins Palma, Souto-Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo, Cowdery, Elizabeth, Saldiva, Paulo Hilario Nascimento, and Fatima Andrade, Maria
    medRxiv 2021
  3. Atmospheric convergence zones stemming from large-scale mixing
    Perez, Gabriel MP, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Klingaman, Nicholas P, and Martin, Thomas
    Weather and Climate Dynamics 2021



    1. Long-term study of the occurrence and time of passage of sea breeze in São Paulo, 1960–2009
      Perez, Gabriel MP, and Silva Dias, Maria AF
      International Journal of Climatology 2017


    1. 2MASS J18082002- 5104378: The brightest (V= 11.9) ultra metal-poor star
      Meléndez, Jorge, Placco, Vinicius M, Tucci-Maia, Marcelo, Ramı́rez, Iván, Li, Ting S, and Perez, Gabriel
      Astronomy & Astrophysics 2016