Gabriel M. P. Perez

University of Reading, UK.

Lyle Building, third floor

Whiteknights Campus

Reading, UK

Hi! I am a PhD student in Climate Science at the University of Reading, UK since 2018. My main interest is developing computational tools to help understanding and forecasting the Earth’s atmosphere. More specifically, I have been looking at large-scale mechanisms of moisture transport and rainfall through a Lagrangian perspective.

My BSc and MSc were in Meteorology at the University Sao Paulo, Brazil (USP). In my master’s research, I developed a short-range rainfall forecast system using machine learning. Soon after my master’s, I worked briefly in the private sector to deploy a similar system.

selected publications

  1. Atmospheric convergence zones stemming from large-scale mixing
    Perez, Gabriel MP, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Klingaman, Nicholas P, and Martin, Thomas
    Weather and Climate Dynamics 2021